The RubberScopic Antenna

The RubberScopic Antenna

The Rubberscopic Antenna for Hand-Held Radios. Comfortably small when collapsed.​

By Phil G3YPQ​

Replaces the stock antenna,  expect higher performance with this antenna that works in a variety of ways. ​

1) 1/4 Wave on 2m when fully Extended ​

2) 1/4 Wave on 70cms when fully collapsed ​

3) 3/4 Wave on 70cms when fully extended for extra gain ​

4) Easy to clip on a piece of wire for SW and MW reception if your radio covers those bands ​

5) Can be set as a 1/4 Wave from 140Mhz to 470Mhz ​

6) Use on PMR446 fully Collapsed or fully open. ​

7) Set to 156Mhz for the Marine band by collapsing one telescopic section.​

See the YouTube Clip​

£10 each  (Two for £15 - see alternative Listing) ​

We  can also supply an adapter for radios that have the SMA Pin on the radio rather than a female socket. (£1) ​

All come with a rubber 'O' Ring if required to make a snug fit to the radio ​

Just Remember to always  FULLY EXTEND when TX on 2m FOR SWR


Please note this sale is for an antenna. RADIO NOT INCLUDED