Shack Station and Website Membership

Lifetime Membership!!The perfect addition to your shack. Why not give it a screen of its own !! Take advantage of this amazing offer. Become a member and gain access to our new SHACK STATION  and also recieve membership shop discount offers.FEATURES OF THE SHACK STATIONLive Greyline mapWorld time zonesDx ClusterWeather info with live satelite images and local weather. Uk lightning skrike mapSolar Terrestrial Data with sunspot info, flares, solar wind, propogation etcAmateur Callsign LookupLive Satellite Tracking Platform ISS etcDx Maps platformFun Projects to make at home.The Shack Station also features a forum that will allow amateur radio operators from all over the world to have general discussions and list forsale posts.Requests can also be made for addition features that members would like to see featured on the web shack station Help us build a community hub today and join our members. As the members grow so will the site. It will be regularly updated with new exciting information and projects. Also on full screen mode is very appealing to have onscreen in the shack. Providing alot of usefull information for all amateur radio users. Simply make your membership purchase, then click shack station on top right of the website. Click sign up and we will verify your membership. you will recieve an email stating the next step to activate your membership


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