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The MFJ-1263 Microphone Control Centre allows you use up to two microphones, modular or 8-pin round with any two radios. Movable jumpers allow for matching either 8-pin round or 8-pin modular microphones to the rigs. You can even plug in an external PTT foot switch to free your hands for contesting / DXing or for plugging in a computer or voice keyer to control the PTT line for automatic operation.

Audio from your rig can also be routed via the Control Centre to an external speaker or via headphones through a separate volume control.

The MFJ-1263 will save you the hassle of physically rewiring your favourite microphones for use with different rigs and also allows the insertion of external audio into the microphone audio input line.

MFJ-1263 includes two cables MFJ-5397MX (8-pin modular-to-modular radio cable) & MFJ-5398 (8-pin modular-to-8-pin round radio cable).

* 2x Separate 8-pin round and 8-pin modular input sockets 
* Mic select button Mic A & Mic B * 2x modular output sockets 
* Radio select button Radio A & Radio B 
* Separate speaker input and output sockets 3.5mm 
* Aux input 3.5mm * Internal jumpers to match Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom rigs etc. * Speaker volume control * Speaker On/Off button 
* PTT socket 1/4in * Headphone socket 1/4in * Rubber feet 
* Size: 210 x 35 x 140mm * Weight: 575g

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