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The Avair AV-20 is a 1.8-200MHz VSWR and POWER meter with a 30W/150W power switch. The AV-20 only works on 50 Ohm impedance which measures forward and reflected power and VSWR with a sensitivity 3W for full scale deflection.
- Accuracy: 10% at full scale 
- Sockets: SO-239a
- Frequency: 1.8-200MHz
- Power: 30W/150W
- Size: 85 x 87 x 95mm 
- Weight: 280g

The AV-20 is an a accurate and wide ranging meter that is used by ham radio operators around the world. It also often finds itself in service departments.

Please note this price is for uk shipping. Please message us prior to purchase for worldwide shipping 

There are lots of SWR meters on the market, but the low cost ones are of limited value and limited accuracy. An SWR meter is an investment and if you buy the right one, it will last you for years. So the message here is, get it right first time and you will never need to buy another one.

The meter needs to give you an accurate indication of forward and reflected power. Reflected power is wasted power. The reflected power is reduced as the antenna approaches resonance. So a good VSWR meter will he helpful in adjusting your antenna for resonance and lowest SWR.