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The Alpha ProMaster Sr operates on 10-160 meters. This durable permanent base and transportable outdoor antenna brings you multi-band system base performance into an extremely small footprint. All you need is an area that is 35 feet x 35 feet to optimally deploy the antenna

Perfect for encrypted or non-encrypted Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) and all HF modes including, but not limited to, CW, SSB (USB/LSB), AM, etc. Plus the whole system is rated IP69K. (Reference: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_Code) Built for harsh environments, you will appreciate the durability of this antenna.

If you happen to take this antenna portable, you'll also enjoy the 10 minute setup/take-down. The vertical element stores away at 3 foot 3 inches, and then is nearly 18 feet tall when deployed.

This system also incorporates 4 active resonant horizontal elements to provide you with enhanced NVIS, while also optimizing take off angles of the vertical element for DX! Simply mount the antenna 6 to 7 feet off the ground on a galvanized fence post pipe from your local hardware store or on the Optional steel Tripod. The Optional Tripod makes this one of the most deployable antenna systems available.

Key Features:

18 feet tall (approximately) and breaks down into 3 foot long components
Frequency Coverage - 1.6 to 30 MHz
Power - 500W PEP SSB (250W CW)
Weight - 6 Pounds

1 Alpha Match
1 Heavy duty mount and hardware
1 Self-supporting 6 section telescopic vertical element
5 Stainless steel clamps
4 Active wire NVIS elements
1 Counterpoise radial

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