How does Ham Clock Compare to Geochron? 

I am being asked more and more often how HamClock compares to the Geochron 4K. I do not have a Geochron but from its literature I can think of the following display functions HamClock offers that Geochron does not:

  1. VOACAP predictions for any path

  2. weekly plots and 3-day predictions for solar flux, sunspot, XRay and Kp index

  3. short and long path antenna beam heading and distance to any DX location

  4. display next satellite rise/set times and overhead pass (not just global track)

  5. azimuthal world maps centered on any location

  6. weather, time, grid square, prefix and sun rise/set time at any DX location

  7. live scrolling DX cluster display

  8. live solar images from Solar Dynamics Observatory

  9. live NCDXF beacon schedule

  10. live RSS feeds from popular web sites

  11. show Moon rise/set and overhead passes for EME

  12. move time ahead or back to explore gray line location, satellite orbits etc

  13. The RPi version can use any HDMI display up to 4k


Conversely, Geochron can do things HamClock can not. These items are certainly interesting but to me they do not seem specifically useful to the typical amateur radio operator:

  1. air and sea traffic

  2. pollution and population maps

  3. different landform map styles

If I have misrepresented Geochron in any way, please let me know and I will correct immediately.